Vodacom Tanzania to celebrate 2 scores next week

Vodacom Tanzania will on Monday mark two major milestones namely two million M-pesa subscribers and close to 10 million customers since the year 2000.

Vodacom Tanzania is reportedly the largest service provider in the country and dominates competitors such as Tigo, Zantel and Airtel Tanzania.

Vodacom Tanzania managing director, Dietlof Mare says, he is happy with the achievement and hails the people of Tanzania for taking note of the mobile service provider as “safe, convenient and affordable means to provide money transaction.”

Mare noted market-changing products and services platform, the system allows customers to air out their problems, describing it as supportive in allowing Vodacom company to offer solutions.
Apart from the voice and data services the company has done tremendous in the M-Pesa sector which has in turn revolutionized money transaction, Vodacom said.
M-pesa was established in 2008, since then it has spread out to the entire country with over 20,000 agents thus bringing the service closer to people as the company brand the move.
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation played a major role in supporting the process, Mare reveals.
“The foundation gave us funds to support the acceleration of M-Pesa adoption throughout the country. We received funding from them to educate customers, market and agent networking process.”
Latest report by Pyramid Research, a market researcher, suggest the mobile money industry will increase to more than US$ 3 billion by 2015 as revenue .
The report further reveals mobile money is changing the financial services industry in Africa that would lead to socio-economic progress.
It indicates that a 10 percent increase in mobile phone subscriptions in market leads to 0.6 to 1.2 percent rise in GDP . As a result of mobile phone communications and its effects on developing economies, in 10 years, it may boost their GDPs closer to that of developed countries.
Mare concluded by saying, the mobile operator will continue offering the best services in the region with its network coverage and products to make a positive impact to people.

Currently, mobile subscriptions is 87 million across Africa. In July this year, Tanzania’s M-Pesa recorded US$635,162,601 million worth money transactions.

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