Coming Soon – Africa’s First Operating System

He is at it again. The innovator who brought to you the Anansi Web Browser has another one up his sleeve. This time, Randolf Owusu, a 22 year old Computer Science student from Accra, Ghana, is creating Africa’s first Operating System.

Owusu is definitely cutting a niche for himself. Armed with the knowledge from his computer science class and passion, he is in the process of perfecting Anansi Operating system. “The reason for the OS was that I’m an open source developer and I visualize the future of OS to be cross platform,” he explains to HumanIPO in an interview. His operating system is meant to be used on Windows, Macs and Linux machines.
What makes this OS different from any Linux OS is the fact that you do not need an emulator to run any software created from any other platform. Its cross platform feature sets it above the current linux OS. One example of such a platform is the Wine Devel package.

“I am yet to launch the operating system but developers are actually testing it for bugs as at now,” he says of the operating system that will include 6,000 educative articles.

Owusu didn’t have much money or investors to back his projects, but with due passion he invested the little he had into the project, which is under his company, Oasis WebSoft. He offers services like webhosting and design to keep him afloat.

So is he expecting his investments to come back? “For the OS I would have a pro/premium Anansi OS that would offer more or the user would choose his/her packages to be embedded in the OS,” he said. For now his web browser and other software he is developing are free for download.

He also has a web development school (online) where he teaches web development techniques. “I even have an online school I teach basic programming and web designing,” He concludes.

Owusu’s story is one that encourages and motivates developers that in spite of the global developments, Africa can still come up with its own solutions. “The future of Oasis will be developing relevant software, mobile and web solutions that would solve real life African solutions,” he tells HumanIPO.

“For the OS most people are astonished that a young person like me could come up with something like this. I hope when I roll it out it will be accepted like Ubuntu,” Owusu says.

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