Freelancer.com slam-dunked into French-speaking Africa

World’s largest online marketplace for outsourcing Freelancer.com today launched the French version of its website across the entire French-speaking Africa.

Freelancer.com now becomes French-speaking Africa’s largest online business marketplace.

The site’s African presence is aimed at connecting the French-speaking freelances and businesses in a single online platform.

Freelancer.com’s chief executive Matt Barrie said the launch of Freelancer.com will put French-speaking Africa at the heart of digital business revolution.

“French-speaking African freelancers and businesses will be able to connect with each other as well as work for French businesses. They will be able to trade across the whole of the French speaking world,” he said.

The site will offer entrepreneurs and employers a platform for hiring freelancers in fields including writing, software development and design, data entry through to engineering and the sciences, sales & marketing and accounting and legal services.

Freelancer.com enables the entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into “real money-making businesses at a fraction of the cost, or helping them to find work via the Internet.”

“Economists in the U.S. have already compared this shift with the Industrial Revolution. In every country that Freelancer operates, people have been able to turn their ideas into successful businesses.

“Hundreds of thousands of users of Freelancer worldwide say that they couldn’t have started and grown a business without having access to Freelancer’s global network of freelancers and business opportunities,” Barrie said.

Webby award-winning Freelancer.com is the largest outsourcing marketplace in the world. Currently, the site had helped nearly 4 million people from across the world to become freelances or to start up and monitor businesses.

Jobs at the site start at $30. The average job is under $200, making the site cost-effective for small to medium sized entrepreneurs.

French is spoken by an estimated 115 million (as of 2007) people in Africa spread across 31 francophone states including benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Egypt, Chad, Burundi, Rwanda, Gabon, Niger, Tunisia, Senegal, Djibouti and Togo among others.

Africa is the continent with the largest number of French speakers in the world.

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