Google+ makes debut on mobile Web

Google has enhanced its mobile experience for its social network the Google Plus. Users can now engage on the platform with or without data phones.

Goople Plus users can now access the networking site without using special apps with any type of phone as witnessed with most smartphones.

Jagjit Chawla, Product Manager at Google+ announced the new developments saying: “Our team has been working hard to ensure that sharing on Google+ works for you, no matter if you have a BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows phone, or any other Internet-enabled phone.”

“Mobile sharing should be easy, and being away from your computer shouldn’t stop you from sharing the exciting moments in life,” Jagjit added.

Users can share photos, post updates, check of friends profile by just visiting the site from your mobile browser.

Google has also paid attention to the sensitivity of feature phones and data less phones found in Africa. By using short messages service, users can post updates to their Google plus account. Users need to activate the SMS option on their account and they can easily share information via text.

Photo sharing is one of the biggest activities in most social media sites. Sharing your photos on Google plus using your phone is now much easier.

The site is easily designed to help in navigation. One column design is usually the best in navigation since mobile users scroll down to view content.

“We’ve included a common action bar on all pages so it’s easy to post updates or toggle between circles so you only see content from the people you care about. If you like something, go ahead and +1 or re-share it directly from the stream. The end result is a mobile website that lets you share the moments that matter, from any device, anywhere,” Jagjit said.

Most social media platforms are accessible through the mobile Web. Africa has embraced the mobile web quite well. Nigeria was ranked as the world’s second largest user of Facebook mobile app, according to statistics from SocialBaker, a technology researcher.

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