Star Link unveils new content management system in SA

Ecommerce seems to be on the rise in South Africa with numerous trading sites such as UAfrica launching, and eShop.co.za offering ecommerce capabilities for businesses.

Star Link is the latest entrant to this sector revealing an online content management solutions aimed to help business simplify their websites for more users to engage in the products and services offered.

“At Star Link there is one goal and one goal only and that’s to link your products and services with ease of access to clients,” the company says.

Star Shop is simple and easy to use in terms of navigation between content. The slider feature enables it to load the entire shop with all the content with one click, making it as quick as possible to page through every page without reloading it again, the company further explained.

Content management systems are platforms created to enable web creators to come up with functional websites in a small span of time, whether it is ecommerce sites, social networks or informational sites.

In Africa, the most famous content management systems include Joomla and WordPress. They are very easy to deploy and help to create professionally customized websites.

Star Link through its brand, Star Shop will enable ecommerce vendors to set up shop in the littlest time possible. This will include giving options to customize logo and tag lines in the websites.

The content management product from Star Link will also have options for the Product page, where merchants can load up the images and names of products sold, ‘about us’ page where companies can write more about them and contact page.

A recent research by World Wide Worx, in partnership with Google South Africa, paint the picture that ecommerce is not as big in South Africa as it is perceived. The study found out that despite the report, ecommerce is growing at 30 percent annually, although most companies have not taken to the Internet commerce.

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