“We Need Google,” Says Mocality

Ever since the trouble brewed between Google Kenya and Mocality, many of us thought that they would sever their relationship. (Yes they still have a relationship). But according to Mocality Kenya Country Manager, Mr. Joshua Mwaniki, they still work with Google.

In January this year, Mocality discovered that some Google staff were accessing Mocality’s client base in a bid to sell them a rival product. This matter dented Google’s mantra aptly named “Do No Evil” or “Don’t be evil”. Mocality operates a robust business directory and gives its users business tools which includes a personalized web page for their businesses. Google also launched a free website for businesses under its Kenya Business Online project.

“We are in talks with Google over the matter,” Mr. Mwaniki told HumanIPO. He said the matter is being handled by top executives of the two companies. “We are one of Google’s biggest clients,” he says. “We need Google.” Mocality uses Google Maps on their client’s profiles to locate businesses. They also use Google for their aggressive online marketing.

The Google incident got international attention with major IT news sites like TechCrunch, covering the incident. Heads did roll in Google over the matter, with Kenya country manager, Olga Arara-Kimani leaving Google Kenya.

Severing relations with Google over this matter would adversely affect their operations. The Google incident did not affect Mocality’s business much, except give the two much international coverage. Mr. Mwaniki promises that in the near future, the two companies would issue a statement over how the issue has been handled. And how the hatchet has been buried.

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