Kenya’s civic education site launched

Kenya National Integrated Civic Education (K-NICE), a government initiative charged with monitoring civic education, yesterday unveiled a website for sharing constitutional information ahead of the general elections slated for March next year.

The new site, Knice.go.ke, makes information on the Constitution accessible to the public, who are free to ask questions which will be answered directly by the K-NICE secretariat members. It in addition gives information on devolved government, land, natural resources, the electoral system and other key areas that have a great impact on Kenyans.

K-NICE project coordinator Otieno Okero said the initiative is expected to reach out to Kenyans, who can access the site on their mobile devices or desktop PCs.

Kenya’s justice minister Eugene Wamalwa, speaking during the launch, said: “K-NICE’s idea of embracing ICT is great as it aims to reach out to a larger population.”

Wamalwa urged the youth in the country to participate in issues that are of national importance, such as the constitutional implementation process, as the Internet offers limitless potential for participation.

According to K-NICE, the youth are active users of social media and the sharing of information is now possible on its Facebook page and Twitter handle: @KniceKenya.

Wamalwa said Kenyans from urban and rural areas should be enlightened on the constitution and allowed to give their views on the its implementation.

K-NICE was unveiled in March this year to provide a forum where Kenyans can participate in matters of governance. The programme also uses radio and television in addition to non-governmental organisations such as community- or faith-based organisations to reach out to the people.

Kenya went to the polls on August 4, 2010 and passed the new constitution, with the implementation process having been ongoing since then.

The initiative is a result of a partnership between the Ministry for Justice and the National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs to educate Kenyans on their constitution.

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