Linkedin Recruiter launched in French, no news regarding Francophone Africa

LinkedIn,the world’s largest online professional network with more than 175 million members worldwide, has announced the release of the French version of its LinkedIn Recruiter, its Hiring Solutions Offering.

LinkedIn has four million members in France, and it is hoped that the new localised version for French companies will enable human resources departments in France to streamline their talent acquisition process.

“With four million members in the French market and one year after opening the French office, we’re now investing in making the LinkedIn experience more relevant for our French customers,” explains Pierre Berlin, Commercial Director, Southern Europe, Hiring Solutions.

“We are aiming to simplify the recruitment process. The French version represents a step in this direction and will help us reach out to even more companies looking to achieve the best returns from their recruitment process.”

The entire tool has been translated and is now available in the French market. Recruiters will have the option of continuing to use the tool in English or in French.

Although a large number of Africans speak French as an official language in their countries, LinkedIn has not released this new version of LinkedIn Redcruiter in countries such as Senegal, Cameroon and Ivory Coast.

This further highlights the importance of African developers developing applications that solve African problems, as they are best positioned to do so.

Linkedin Recruiter was launched in 2008 to work intuitively to fit individual corporate staffing departments’ needs, giving users reach into LinkedIn’s network of 175 million professionals. Users can search by a wide range of criteria, including title, seniority, geography, company and keywords to find more contacts that best fit their search criteria.

The main services and features that HR departments can leverage in Recruiter are:

- Complete visibility of names and profiles far beyond 1st and 2nd degree connections.

- The prospect of finding qualified candidates faster with high-performance filters (such as length of service, title, and much more).

- Up to 50 InMails (emails sent via the LinkedIn platform) per month to possible candidates Configuration of up to 50 search alerts to spot new candidates and stay notified of any new profiles showing up on the network that match their pre-defined search parameters.

- Structured sourcing management by creating recruitment folders.

- A collaborative portal where all staffing team members get visibility into their colleagues’ activity.

- Online help resource giving staffing professionals access to a catalogue of training modules covering all the features of LI Recruiter.

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