Second annual Software Engineering Conference kicks off in Botswana

The second African Conference on Software Engineering & Applied Computing (2012 ACSEAC) kicked off in Gaborone, Botswana yesterday and will last until September 26, with the aim of bringing together African and international researchers in the field of ICT.

This year’s conference sees Dr. Hakan Erdogomus of Kalemun Research Inc. as the keynote speaker. In line with the conference theme of “”Innovative approaches to enhancing business growth and efficiency”, his keynote address will be titled “Software Engineering: Folklore and Reality”.

The main aim of the conference being to bring together African and international researchers to share ideas, problems and solutions in Software Engineering and Applied Computing.

Of specific interest for the conference is the sharing of ideas with regard to the use of new and emerging technologies to address socio-economic challenges. Thus, it is creating an opportunity both for academics and practitioners from the industry to discuss recent progress in this area.

This focus is something that is of great relevance to Africa given the buoyant technology startup scene on the continent which has attracted many venture capitalists.

The conference will include:

- Technical and Education Sessions

- Tutorials and Workshops

- Industrial Exhibits

All of the above will present recent developments in the area of Software Engineering and Applied Computing.

There will also be numerous presentations and discussions about modeling techniques for complex systems in diverse areas of science, scalable scientific algorithms, advanced software tools, advanced numerical methods, and novel areas of application. Similarly, there will also be demonstrations where these new models, algorithms and tools are applied in areas as diverse as finance, environmental systems, physical systems, computational and systems biology, among others.

Conference highlights

- ACSEAC2012 is in technical co-sponsorship with IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Scalable Computing.

- ACSEAC2012 is in technical co-sponsorship with the IEEE

- This conference is expecting to draw over 200 international participants, including: Industrial and academic researchers, managers, architects, engineers and consultants in the IT industry, vendors and users of software tools, professors and students.

- Workshops on emerging topics will be an integral part of this conference.

- Tutorials by leading experts in their fields will be given.

- There will be a Best Paper Award and also a Best Student Paper Award.

ACSEAC 2012 is being held at Grand Palm Hotel in Gaborone, Botswana from 24 – 26 September 2012.

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