Interesting trends that will herald mobile broadband

Mobile gadgets will soon connect the majority of people to the Internet, according to a recent report by the Broadband Commission.

According to the the report, which highlights the catching trends in the near future of mobile broadband, top of the list among the changes is the Web 3.0, where there will be” real-time status updates for objects, as well as people, in a growing ‘Internet of Things.’ Objects will be updated and controlled through their connection of the Net.

There have been some medical applications to this trend, especially in the developed countries. Wi-Fi enabled medical gadgets are already being rolled out to monitor the health of patients. The gadgets record, blood pressure and other indications depending on the illness. AnABI research suggests that come 2017, one out of five wearable Wi-Fi devices will be a health care device.

Global Information systems will be used in different ways to locate or to warn of dangers ahead, for example, when getting information about traffic jams ahead. The report states that the service maybe used to locate friends, stolen cars – already in use by a number of tracking solutions.

The report also talks about apps that will push out information to users rather than users searching for information. This will depend on user’s preferences.

One of the interesting trends that are anticipated is to do with user’s search preferences and targeted advertising. The report suggests that mobile Internet users will be able to share their likes and dislikes of the targeted advertising and search results. This will give advertisers immediate response to what is acceptable and what is not favorable.

Crowdsourcing of authorship, news reporting, generating encyclopaedia and project management is set to be on the rise with the increase of mobile broadband.

A negative trend mentioned is the demise of privacy. With so much information being shared on the mobile Web platform, it means private information is more accessible hence thinning the veil to privacy.

Finally, the report talks of more use of cloud computing solutions such as cloud storage through the mobile devices. Currently very few users store their mobile information up on the cloud. This is set to change.

For mobile developers, these could be pointers to create the next big mobile revolution solution.

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