INTERVIEW: HumanIPO meets SocialMeep’s founder Oluwatobi Soyombo

Social Media Week, a worldwide event exploring the social, cultural and economic impact of social media just ended with firms now looking to embrace social media as strategic business tool.

According to the Social Media Week Organisation, businesses can make use of social media via collaboration, learning and share ideas and information to keep abreast on the market. There are startups across the world set to help businesses enjoy their social media experience as well as make it an effective business tool. SocialMeeb, a social media magazine, is one such startup aiming to bring all the social media’s pros and cons to its users.

HumanIPO caught up with SocialMeeb’s founder Oluwatobi Soyombo just before it launches tomorrow.

Why SocialMeep?
The name was selected following a 2-stage contest launched on June 15, 2012. We asked the public to suggest a name that best suited a social media magazine and got a number of responses. We picked the top three for a voting process.

To cut it short, SocialMeep is a combination of two words,Social and Meep. The former needs no explanation, or does it? Meep is an English word that can mean anything you want it to mean. So, Meep is anything, everything. Therefore, SocialMeep is everything Social.

Tell us about yourself?
I am a serial technopreneur and reporter with a passion for journalism. I have written for both online and print media including YNaija, YMagazine, Mobility.COM, The Guardian. I also run VDrive Technologies, an IT firm poised with the mission of helping firms and individuals establish an effective online presence; one that’s synonymous with their brand.

What inspired you?
The current lack of local Social Media content in this end of the world.

What problem are you solving?
From Facebook, to 2go, Eskimi and others, Social Media has seen a huge boost in Africa. However, a critical mass is yet to get on the train due to some form of ignorance and other factors. For instance, people ask “how do I twitter?” This question should make us laugh, but we choose not to laugh. Questions like that get us busy on the path to educating the critical mass about this new tools of engagement.

SocialMeep was set up with the aim of providing useful social media articles, reports and the likes. We believe that “Social Media knowledge is power”

both to individuals and business entities. Our content will range from tips, opinions; reports or how-to’s to helping individuals and business achieve their goals using Social Media.

What is your business model?
Reviews and advertising.

Have you had any challenges?
SocialMeep.com needs contributors but since it is still in infancy, getting contributors for great content for us has been a challenge. The search is still on though and we are still open to contributors who consider this their cup of tea.

Any competition in the market? How will you solve it?
Yeah, from the likes of SocialMediaExaminer and SocialMediaToday. It may be tough to compete with them. A handful of the target audience will probably end up on these sites after a Google Search. However, we consider ourselves strong enough to beat this soon.

How different are you from the competition?
Well, most technology sites around here focus on everything tech. We are narrowing the focus by providing strictly social media content.

Any partnerships yet?
None finalized yet. We are still holding discussions with some entities.

What is currently in the pipeline?
We’re launching on the October 3, 2012 with the interview of an 18-year-old guy who earns $3,000+ per month blogging/freelancing. In the interview, he shares how his journey in the blogosphere has been and how everyone can replicate his success. His story is such an inspiring one that we chose it launch with it.

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