New app to enable Africa’s music lovers to stream on the go

A new a mobile-based entertainment platform called Gbedumobile will launch later this month in Nigeria enabling mobile users to search for music, buy premium content, download free content and share with friends via social media channels.

Gbedumobile will deliver music and music-related content globally and efficiently as well as reward artistes and record labels, says Mayowa Owolabi, the founder.

Artistes and record labels can promote their works as well as reach a global audience and help reduce the effects of piracy and illegal downloads, he said.

He told HumanIPO that with a team of four others — two developers and three lawyers –, widespread music piracy in Africa and lack of efficient and mass-market platforms provoked them into setting out on a journey to develop the platform.

Owolabi says that they are planning to sell content and personalization services – ringback tunes, ringtones and music streaming with adverts adding that they will share revenue with the artistes and record labels.

Apart from its Android, Java, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Phone apps, Gbedumobile works simply.

“You go to the mobile site from your phone and get access to music, you can download or play music for free, and for those that are premium, you’d have to pay for or listen to a snippet. You can pay via sms or with your card. You can also get content as ringback tones or wallpapers,” he said.

This is a great offering, allowing users to listen or watch their favourite music videos from the mobile phones, however Gbedumobile is not the first in the sector. iRoko partners Iroking service does the same while Spinlet and Truspot might come calling anytime.

Owolabi however is not scared about the giants competition and says Gbebumobile is unique.

“Our services allow one get ringtones and other music content, allow you stream music on your mobile and help artistes and record labels monetize more, we also have social media platforms that we are leveraging on for spread and customer acquisition,” he said.

According to Owolabi, the team is working with major record labels in Nigeria. It is also in talks with Sony Music international and Warner Music. Their pay via SMS API would be integrated soon as well as a mobile ad system to help monetize music streaming with adverts.

Though still in Beta testing, Gbedumobile has already signed up popular artists like IcePrince, WhizzKid.

Gbedumobile targets English speaking West Africa with plans to later roll out in Kenya, the Francophone West Africa, South Africa, North Africa and before going global.

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