Omatek introduces eco-friendly energy products into Nigerian market

In line with the new environmental requirements for electrical products in the Nigerian market, Omatek Engineering Services Ltd (OESL), in partnership with a China-based technology corporation Kehua Group, has unveiled a new range of energy-saving eco-friendly products in Lagos, Nigeria.

The products such as inverters, solar panels and UPS, according to Omatek, are part of a large number of energy-saving interventions the company is introducing into the Nigerian market for homes, offices, schools and the telecoms sector.

Other products in line are battery chargers, battery monitoring devices, surge protectors, automatic transfer switches, SNMP modules, LED lights, sign lights and lightning arrestors, all of which have passed the required standards and control tests and evaluations including the QC tests, EMC test and ISO quality assurance certification.

Omatek’s chief executive Florence Seriki said that the new products are the result of intensive researches carried out by Omatek and Kehua Group in the search for new green energy products and renewable energies that are cost-effective.

Seriki added that the products would drastically reduce the rate of emission of greenhouse gases from various sources in Nigeria, especially as a result of the use of carbon emitting alternative methods of power generation to complement the insufficient supply from the national grid.

“Most [Nigerian] homes, offices and telecoms operators buy generators to power their appliances and equipment. Generators require constant and costly refuelling—not to mention the air and noise pollution they produce,” Seriki said.

In addition to the new range of products, Omatek has also commissioned a new state-of-the-art integrated factory in Ikeja at the heart of Nigeria’s commercial capital city of Lagos. The factory, Seriki said, will manufacture range of products that are targeted at the company’s diverse customer base – a clientele that cuts across banking, oil industries, government and education sectors, for both private and public corporations.

She also mentioned the company’s power system for remote base stations that use solar energy to generate continuous power for cell stations of telecoms companies. Currently, the power system supports a microwave backhaul installation that serves an operational radius of about 120 kilometers.

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