!WayTag Lets You Share Your Location

Location based services are becoming quite the norm in the IT sector. Services like Foursquare and Facebook Places have picked up in recent years. !WayTag, a South African company has its aim set on being one of the big players in location based service.

!WayTag started in 2009 with the aim of letting people share their location without the need to share out the address. All you need to do is to log in to their website, create a !WayTag and download it to your smartphone. You can create as many tags as you like. Over 17.5 million tags have already been created on the system!
What is a !WayTag? Warren Venter, the CEO of the company explained to HumanIPO. “A !waytag is a simple and easy way to share location information by allowing users to link complicated addresses and or GPS co-ordinates to their own unique name called a !waytag. In much the same way as simple domain names linked to complicated IP Addresses simplified the way we navigate around the internet, simple !waytag names linked to complicated GPS co-ordinates make ot easier to share and navigate to a location.”

Popular location based services such as Foursquare and Gowalla, which was acquired by Facebook last year, have made quite a ripple in the international fields. Foursquare currently has 15 million users and growing. Foursquare makes your location public to the platform.

“Mobile !waytags are linked to the owners mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet and the location of the !waytag can be updated on the move by selecting the “update my mobile !waytag” option. Personal !waytags are generally created for the owners home or other favourite personal locations such as a fishing spot etc,” Warren took us through the service.

Warren said that, their mapping has covered over 205 countries worldwide, including Africa nations. The service can also be used by businesses to market themselves online. “We have Business !waytags in over 100 countries,” Warren said. “Business !waytags include the ability for the owner to add keywords and are exposed in the near me and near a !waytag search results.”

So why would I need people to know my location? “To make it easier for people and businesses to find you when you want them to,” Warren explained. “Meet me at !BobMobi or deliver to !BobHome is so much easier than trying to share an address. !waytags are not dependent on the owner having a street address and can be created using our imagery solution. This enables all users in any part of the world to own an address and enjoy the benefits of social interactions and e-commerce through deliveries to a !waytag.”

This service is becoming very famous. “We currently have third party developers utilising our API with an approximate potential of 22 million users that will be exposed to !waytag,” Warren told HumanIPO. On March 19th this year, TomTom, a GPS service provider, signed a 4 year deal with !WayTag to provide maps and points of interest to them. With this partnership they are seeing a sign up growth between 200 to 1000 people per day.

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