Main One connects West Africa to London Internet Exchange

Nigeria’s submarine cable company Main One Cable has added London Internet Exchange to the list of IXPs it is connected to, in an effort to create more value to its existing customers by providing faster and more affordable Internet.

The move sees the Main One Cable Company expand the amount of IXP that it has within its network to spread the impact of the bandwidth that landed at the coast of West Africa. In addition to providing Internet at an affordable fee, Main One will ensure fast and more reliable Internet in areas it connects to.

Main One has been working in partnership with different IXPs, useful in lowering the cost of Internet, to make Internet available to more people at a lower rate.

The company had connected IXPs in Ghana and Nigeria to encourage local peering — which entails allowing service providers to interconnect with the telecom network thereby enabling the exchange of internet traffic within the countries respectively.

The cable company has been at the forefront of providing broadband connectivity. It is providing Internet as a complementary package to the Co-Creation Hub in Lagos.

It recently connected Accra to Lagos, Accra to Lome and Accra to Cotonou all the way to its data centre in London. It is also working toward connecting Burkina Faso and Guinea, reports BusinessDay of Nigeria.

Despite the restraints and the challenges of distributing bandwidth to the hinterland, Main One has kept expanding its infrastructures and raising the bar of its offerings to his clients.

Broadband connectivity has a role to play in connecting people and creating job opportunities. According to experts, Internet connectivity is bridging the gap between different continents and different skill sets. Poor and expensive Internet connectivity hinders several businesses and activities.

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