Nigerian advertising agency to use Skype video for operations

The Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency (LASAA) has become the first West African advertising agency to apply Skype’s interactive technology to facilitate consumer engagement and speedy service delivery.

The decision to switch to Skype video results from the determination of the agency to ensure a quick turnaround time for all enquiries from LASAA customers and other stakeholders. It is also meant to aid its human resources, client services and business development departments.

To ensure a smooth transition to the application, the agency has embarked on intensive training of its members of staff, who it said are now capable of utilising the application which allows users to connect across the world via voice, video and instant messaging.

LASAA’s managing director George Noah said using the Skype is a demonstration of the agency’s commitment to “the provision of value-added services, and ensuring stakeholders’ satisfaction and positive experience.”

He further stated that LASAA workers are delighted at the launch of the service because “it aligns with our commitment to continuously offer our stakeholders opportunity to connect with us freely.”

Concerning the impact of the application on LASAA’s activities, the Noah said the agency is convinced that “engagement at both ends [customer and LASAA] will be quicker and faster.”

He further described the outcome of the recently carried out pre-test in which the video application was well received by a large proportion of the randomly selected stakeholders.

“The trials of Skype video which we conducted among some customers were successful and we are happy to announce the deployment of the service. As a forward-looking and innovative organisation, we will continue to employ new innovations that can improve service delivery for all our stakeholders,” Noah said.

Out of the over 700 million Skype users across the world, Nigeria currently has about one million, the majority of whom use the application for personal communication. With LASAA’s commitment to adapting the software for business usage, it is expected that other Nigerian organisations will embrace the application, thus increasing the number of Nigerian Skype users.

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