Ghana’s tablet set to boost e-learning

Ghana’s leading tech-focused high-learning institution the Ghana Technology University College (GTUC) has partnered with a UK-based firm to introduce a tablet aimed at improving e-teaching and e-learning in Ghana and across the region.

The 10 tablet, branded the GTUC Campus Companion (GCC), has been developed in conjunction with UK firm Learning Nuggets.

GCC integrates a virtual learning management system, cloud-based multimedia content management application and solutions from Safari Books online and Google applications to offer a broad range of learning resources.

The gadget will retail at between US$300 and US$400.

Speaking at the college’s 11th Matriculation Ceremony, Osei K Darkwa, GTUC president, said lecturers will be able to provide online courses, pre-learning, in-learning and post-learning content which would in turn transform the education system.

He further claimed the GCC to be more advanced than the iPad and confirmed that the Campus Companion will be included with the GTUC administration system.

According to Darkwa, GTUC has started a major physical and technological infrastructural advancement and development to facilitate learning space and resources for university students.

The college has already embarked on a decentralisation policy by establishing campuses in various cities across the country and surrounding nations such as Nigeria and Gambia.

“Many of your loved ones have literally sacrificed to enable you to enjoy the privilege of a GTUC education. Honour their sacrifice by behaving responsibly and making the most of this extraordinary opportunity,” Darkwa said to students.

According to eLearning Africa 2012 Report, Ghana programme is affected by limited software and hardware applications. A tablet is larger than a mobile phone and integrated into a flat touch screen. To operate it, a user touches the screen through onscreen virtual keyboard, stylus pen or a digital pen.

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