TransUnion announces it uses Autonomy’s solution for Digital marketing

TransUnion, one of Africa’s leading companies in credit information with offices in South Africa, Botswana and Swaziland, relies on HP Autonomy’s digital marketing suite to deliver an online experience for its customers.

Autonomy, an HP Company, recently announced that TransUnion uses Autonomy’s digital marketing suite to deliver a helpful online experience to its customers.

Having already been using Autonomy Web Content Management, TransUnion serves over 45,000 businesses and approximately 500 million customers worldwide.

The company uses Autonomy TeamSite and LiveSite to rapidly create and publish dynamic web content, and Autonomy Optimost to test various content combinations to determine which layout generates the highest conversions.

In one test alone for TransUnion’s identity theft and protection product, TransUnion increased uplift and conversion by over 30 percent with Autonomy Optimost.

“Autonomy plays a key role in our mission to deliver products and services that help consumers better understand and manage credit to achieve their financial goals,

“We appreciate the collaborative approach from the team at Autonomy – they are focused on helping us design, create, and test successful digital marketing strategies that serve our customers and ultimately lead to increased conversions,” said Pat Nieman, vice president of engineering at TransUnion.

TransUnion continues to expand its use of Autonomy. The organisation recently integrated Autonomy LiveSite with technology from Hybris, a multichannel commerce solution, so that TransUnion can dynamically deliver appropriate content based on consumer interest and purchasing activity on the TransUnion site.

TransUnion also plans to leverage the Autonomy digital marketing suite to localise content as it continues to expand its business internationally.

“TransUnion is a wonderful case study for the power and impact of a well-conceived digital marketing strategy,” said Muhammed Omar, Pre-Sales Manager, Software, HP.

Few organisations have the scale and diversity of content, and TransUnion has pulled this off beautifully by delivering a highly elegant, intuitive website that pleases customers and grows the business.”

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