Kenya supports ICT penetration in education system, declares government official

Kenya’s government is supporting the development of ICT infrastructure and training in the education system, says the Ministry of Information and Communications permanent secretary Dr. Bitange Ndemo.

According to the eLearning Africa 2012 report says, Kenya’s ICT in education is negatively affected as a result of limited bandwidth, training, sustainability and high level of poverty.

But speaking at Kenyatta University during the fifth anniversary of Entrepreneurship Week on Wednesday, Ndemo emphasised the government’s support for ICT in education.

“We are supporting higher learning institutions with broadband to facilitate easy penetration of Internet to make it affordable, reliable and affordable,” he said.

He said that the ministry was working closely with all interested stakeholders to provide content for the Safaricom cloud, which allows for the digitalisation of lessons to be shared by students across the country to facilitate e-learning.

The programme was first unveiled at Starehe high school to boost secondary education e-learning system.

“With the level Mobile penetration in the country, it would be easy to access online content through Internet enabled devices. I want to appeal to university students to participate in providing content,” he said.

The government is also focusing on training to propel ICt education. Late last year, in collaboration with Inoorero university, it offered a five-day training seminar on ICT-Based Teaching & Information Management (IBTM) for the first time, aimed at equipping teachers with relevant ICT skills in readiness for e-learning.

In early August this year, the Kenya ICT Board partnered with Carnegie Mellon University to provide a Software Developer Certification (SDC) course to start in April next year. It is aimed at providing necessary training skills for software development graduates to fit perfectly in the job market.

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