Mobile penetration in Senegal surpasses 88%

Senegal’s mobile penetration has now passed the 88 percent mark, according to a recent report released by the country’s communications regulator Agence de Regulation des Telecoms et Postes (ARTP) for the second quarter of the year ending June 2012.

This follows earlier reports by HumanIPO on how Senegal lagged in Africa as far as Internet connectivity and mobile penetration are concerned.

ARTP reports that the total number of mobile phones in Senegal has gone past 10.7 million, up from about 9.4 million in the same period last year.

Of the approximated 10.7 million mobile phone connections, 99.4 percent (close to 10.6 million) are using prepaid mobile, following a continent-wide trend.

This significant number of prepaid mobile subscribers is in contrast to the reported decline in post paid mobile connections, which declined by about 1,100 subscribers to 67,000, 0.6 percent of the total mobile connections in the West African country.

The total number of fixed telephone lines stood at nearly 343,000 – resulting in a penetration of up to 2.8 percent.

The country had close to 528,000 internet subscribers by the end of June. It is reported that most of them use 3G for mobile Internet connections. Of these, some 375,000 were mobile Internet users, and 95,400 were connected to the Net using ADSL lines.

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