New online service to give SA retirees chance to secure consulting jobs

RetiredConsultants, a new online platform for professionals, is giving South Africa’s highly skilled retired workforce an opportunity to work in consultancy.

This service gives companies and organisations the opportunity to bring back retirees as consultants to teach and mentor less experienced employees, the company said.

Users of the site can register for jobs, upload their CVs, get job alerts, find advice and information through informative articles and become part of the community through social media accounts.

Employers can also create accounts on the platform and post jobs. For three months after the launch employers can set up an account free of charge. After the trial, they are required to pay a fee.

The company has outlined the kind of services they would like to offer consultants, including those in infrastructure delivery organisations or companies where performance standards are dropping or targets are not being met.

Other targeted openings include in providing solutions to specific problems that need to be identified and solutions implemented, local government institutions where service delivery problems occur and operations seeking to source experienced mentors or advisors to train or develop permanent staff or solve specific problems.

This new site departs from the usual job sites where the young and vibrant are sought out by companies, allowing retirees who are often elderly to make a living while not fully participating in the day-to-day work in various companies.

This new venture is under Gulf Contract Labour, which has been in the hire business for over 22 years.

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