Cogniko, global digital intelligence company, opens Nigerian office

Cogniko, a leading global technology brand in analytic and digital intelligence, has expanded its business network to Nigeria to increase its clout as a digital solutions provider for local and international markets.

Speaking at an event organised by the company in Lagos, Cogniko’s country director Yemi Ibironke said the rationale behind Cogniko’s decision to start operations in Nigeria is to assist Nigerian marketers and other businesses in establishing “accurate performance targets based on their investment outlay.”

Ibironke explained that the company is also blazing a trail in the delivery of marketing analytics, research and strategic advice to institutions, organisations and relevant agencies in developed markets such as US and in developing markets in Africa.

Cogniko’s various products and services assist marketers in setting accurate performance targets based on their investment outlay. They also help marketers define performance indicators, which are properly aligned to objectives, and assist businesses in aligning the indicators for optimal marketing effectiveness.

The company also offers research data and digital intelligence services, which according to Ibironke are vital for any marketer who seeks better and more accurate insights into consumer trends, attitudes and behaviours to drive profitable growth.

In addition to formally launching the company’s operations in Nigeria, the event also served as the official introduction to the company’s latest product, a tool referred to as ‘Analytic Solutions’, that would help business owners to meet the increasing demands of marketers seeking to understand and maximise return on investments (RoI).

Commenting on the company’s clientele, Ibironke stated that Cogniko has been engaged by globally acclaimed top brands and companies such as Chase, Pfizer, Diageo, Verizon, AT&T, Dell and General Mills.

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