Liberia gets first digital visitors’ map

Visitors to Liberia can now find their way around the capital Monrovia using the first digital visitors’ map, which was produced by John Sheehy of Emerging Business Lab and has several user-friendly features to help users locate important landmarks easily.

The map is in full-colour and contains detailed maps of Central Monrovia, Broad Street, Sinkor, Tubman Boulevard, Airfield/Old Road, Congo Town and Paynesville, according to Emerging Business Lab.

It also contains the locations of over 70 hotels, restaurants, and other businesses.

“As always, [the visitors’ map is] a great way for folks visiting and those living in Monrovia to find their way around the metropolitan area. It beautifully depicts the city and its landmarks, including most of the ministries and agencies of government, as well as showcasing many businesses and enterprises such as restaurants, hotels, and shopping venues,” Emerging Business Lab said in the statement.

The map has since been described as an important depiction of Monrovia as a city with first-class potential and will help visitors and residents who are considering opening businesses in the city.

The digital map project has enjoyed support from Minister Lewis Brown and the Office of the Mayor of the Monrovia Capital City (MCC), both of whom have expressed pleasure at the project.

According to the office of the mayor, the mayor is in total support of the initiative, and together with the minister is excited to be part of the map project.

The production of the map was financed by funds provided by Cellcom GSM. However, Emerging Business Lab is yet to disclose how they are going to make the map available to users. According to the lab, the sponsor is yet to make its plan public.

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