Vodafone Offers Ghana’s Hajj Pilgrims 70% Discount On Roaming

Telecommunications company Vodafone Ghana has offered Ghanaian pilgrims to this year’s Hajj a 70 percent discount on the current international roaming costs as they embark on their journey to Saudi Arabia.

The company said the Vodafone Hajj Offer is meant to make it more affordable for the pilgrims to stay in touch with their families and loved ones back home during the entire period of time they will spend performing their religious obligations in Saudi Arabia.

The on-going offer, which is expected to run until December, is only for customers on a prepaid plan, who can enjoy the discount on standard international roaming charges by simply visiting any retail shop or by calling the network’s dedicated customer care call centre.

Through the offer, the company’s head of consumer marketing Tara Squire said Vodafone Ghana wants to empower its customers who will be participating in this year’s Hajj in the Holy Land “to stay constantly connected to their families at home without worrying about how much it will cost them to do so”.

This, she said, is part of the initiatives the telecoms company is taking to improve its support for the pilgrims, who are part of the network’s millions of customers, in ways that are meaningful and tangible as they embark on the highly rewarding and very important religious mission.

Apart from the 70 percent discount on roaming charges, Vodafone Ghana has also presented mobile phones to the members of the nation’s Hajj committee. This gesture, according to the company, is meant to ensure that the committee is in constant communication with the pilgrims when they are in Saudi Arabia; it will also ensure that the needs of the pilgrims are swiftly communicated to the Hajj village back home in Ghana.

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