200,000 unique visitors for Buni TV 6 months after launch

Buni TV, a Web and mobile digital video platform with a focus on high quality African content, has announced today that it has attracted more than 200,000 unique visitors since its launch in April.

The platform distributes a variety of content, including documentaries, feature films, Web and television series

Buni Media, Buni TV’s parent company and the production team behind Kenya’s first ever satire TV program, The XYZ Show, also added that they had received close to 700,000 views during that period on their Web and mobile sites.

“We are very excited by these numbers, especially since more than half of this traffic came from Kenya only,” Buni TV Founder and CEO Marie Lora-Mungai said.

“This not only tells us that Kenyan and African audiences are indeed ready to discover video content online, but also that Buni TV has a huge potential for growth in other countries in Africa and beyond,” added Lora-Mungai.

The Buni TV team concentrated on building its catalogue of content, licensing original videos from a dozen filmmakers from across the continent during the 6 months.

Before venturing into digital media, television and radio formed Buni Media’s major distribution channels. Since introducing their video streaming service their viewership has increased, and their shows are said to reach an estimated 8 million people each month across the globe on radio, television, mobile and the Web.

Apart from just streaming the videos, Buni TV will give independent producers a platform on which they can distribute their work to reach the global audience.

Buni TV shares 50 percent of the revenue generated by advertising on the platform with content generators. But the backbone of its revenue will eventually come from subscriptions, which the platform is planning to launch at a later stage.

Online distribution is quickly gaining popularity in Africa, and many producers are turning to this medium to reach larger audiences. Online distribution and video streaming services such as IrokoTV are also gaining in popularity.

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