Orange Kenya to offer varied data bundles to consumers

Mobile network operator Orange Kenya has announced a change in its data bundle service for its Internet users, offering a broad range of options.

The new offering comes as the government, through its regulatory body the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK), is embroiled in a pricing tussle with the mobile service providers in the country.

According to Orange Kenya’s Chief executive Mickael Ghossein, the review and alignment of the bundles will greatly improve customer experience.

“It will improve customer experience as we forge ahead in positioning Orange as the preferred broadband provider in this market,” he said.

Orange said the alignment now offers consumers with a broad range of bundles, including 50MB, 100MB, 500MB, 1GB, 10GB, 15GB and 20GB.

The company is reported to be working on expanding its current networks to to reach off-grid locations as well as to strengthen those of already established areas.

“Orange has so far invested KSh20 billion in building a robust mobile network in the country and in the coming months we intend to invest a further KSh 3 billion in order to expand our network further,” Ghossein stated.

As part of the alignment, while maintaining the unlimited nature of its weekly bundle on Internet Everywhere 3G+, the company also made an upward adjustment in the price of the 7 days unlimited bundle.

“While we appreciate the positive uptake of our unlimited offering on this network by our customers, the increased level of investment and expansion that we have already begun has necessitated this change,” he said.

Orange claims to have maintained the most attractive proposition in the market thorough versatile Internet offers and high quality of service. The Consumer Federation of Kenya (CFK) recently mentioned Orange Telkom as having the best voice quality as well as the best 2G and 3G data speeds in Nairobi.

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