Hotels.com.ng wants to bring all hotels in Nigeria online

Hotels in Nigeria have gotten a boost. A new company is offering an opportunity for hotels in Nigeria to put their information online. And this trend is catching on quite fast. Hotels.com.ng is the site that wants to bring all hotels in Nigeria, online.

Mark Essien is the founder of Hotels.com.ng and the fast growing company has already enlisted over 1,000 big and small hotels in their database. “The idea is to have bookings available for all hotels – including the small hotels in small towns available online,” he told HumanIPO.

The young company started developing the service around 6 months ago and opened their services in January this year. There are 3,000 hotels are currently pending to be enlisted on the platform. Users can log in with their Facebook accounts, choose hotels by the state they belong to or just use a general search box. Currently, the site directs you to the official websites for the different hotels for booking.

One cannot fail to compare this service to the famous Hotels.com, the American website. Hotels.com has over 140,000 hotels and destinations in their database, with over 2.5 million user reviews. It has become one of the most popular resource centers for people looking for holidays.

Mark Essien’s company, wants to make sure that they have covered the whole of Nigeria before they think of expanding their network. “Right now we are focusing on the hotels area within Nigeria only.
Perhaps in future we will expand, but this is a long way from now,” Mark said.

Even though their sites are not yet set on the whole of the continent, Mark sees a lot of potential in African IT business. “I think the outlook on the ICT market is very good. Information is something that Africa for a long time did not have good access to – and now that it’s available, there is explosive growth that will only continue. Africa is a huge market with many needs that can be solved by ICT,” he said.

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