New tech gadgets discount for SA’s FNB customers

The First National Bank, SA’s leading commercial bank and tech innovator, has said new and existing cheque and credit card customers can now qualify for an additional discount on its range of smartphones, tablets and laptops.

FNB’s new offer allows customers who purchase a smart device (tablet, smartphone or laptop), to get an additional discount of up to either R50 or R100 off their monthly smart device repayment over the 2-year repayment period.

Kartik Mistry, head of smart device products at FNB said: “Our aim is to make electronic banking conveniently accessible to all our customers and to reward them for using those electronic banking and transaction methods.”

This discount offer will apply to all brands and models in the FNB range of more than 20 devices, including the Apple iPad and MacBooks, BlackBerry smartphones, Samsung SIII and new Samsung Note 10.1 and Acer Windows laptops.

The discount of R50 kicks in when a customer who has, or who applies for, a personal cheque account also takes up and uses a credit card with FNB.

The discount increases to R100 per month when customers switch a credit facility to FNB. However, FNB noted that customers do have to use the credit card and keep cash withdrawals at an ATM to a minimum.

“We will continue to add new devices and encourage new and existing customers to use our platforms in our drive to provide accessible and convenient banking services to our customers,” Mistry said.

New and existing customers can order their smart devices online, and view the qualifying criteria and pricing at Fnb.co.za. The offer is only valid until end of December 2012, the bank said.

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