Ghanaian Startup enabling seamless customer correspondence

A Ghanaian startup has come with a web-messaging platform dubbed Dropifi that will see a shift in the way companies handle their contact page thus allowing, easy communication with prospective customers.

Previously, companies have had to put up with uncontrolled data collected from the “Contact Us” page. David Osei, Dropifi CEO, says this has sometimes been overwhelming rendering companies incapable of speedy mail correspondence with their customers.

Dropifi allows companies to easily visualize, manage and analyze incoming messages from both customers and their prospects. Osei said: “Long and scary “Contact Us” forms do not motivate existing or potential customers to give feedback. We also realized that, analytics is the new imperative for providing businesses with the necessary intelligence for taking the right business decisions.”

With Dropifi, companies can create easy-to-fill “Contact Us” forms using the Dropifi system. They in addition can automatically categorize incoming messages based on rules and filters in the Dropifi inbox. This makes rerouting requests to appropriate quarters easy and seamless. Dropifi analytics allow companies to extract meaning and gain immediate understanding into their interactions with customers and prospects.

Though still in Beta, Dropifi has had many companies both in and out of Ghana who have already signed up for beta testing and the response has been good so far, according to Osei.

He admits, unlike other Ghanaian startups, his startup did not face many challenges although deciding which technology platform to use proved a hard decision to make. “We initially took hasty decisions but after taking second looks at them, we had to change platforms some number of times, moving from Ruby on Rails to Python Django then finally to Java Play,” Said Osei.

Dropifi will enable its users to monitor customer complaint trends, sentiments, internal staff performance metrics and other valuable information. They are also looking into making customer discovery much easier by giving companies detailed demographic information and social graphs of their contacts. This will help them know their customers well and prepare targeted campaigns.

Customer Relations Management and Cloud-based Help Desk Management is a fiercely competitive space. Many of software available are complex and contain various tools that range from Help Desk Management and Ticketing systems to complete CRM systems.

“We differentiate ourselves based on the analytics we offer our customers. Unlike our competitors who give reports and descriptions on what transpired between business and their customers, we give comprehensive analytics on customer behaviors and sentiments that would help businesses make better decisions, undertake targeted campaigns amongst other benefits,” said Osei.

The major players in Dropifi’s niche are Desk.com, Zendesk and a few others who are mainly ticketing systems and community based help systems with a social connection.

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