Vox Telecom looking at converged telecommunications services

With the growing trend of businesses towards converged telecommunications services, Douglas Reed, CEO of Vox Telecom, believes his company is well positioned to take advantage of this drift.

Reed says that Vox Telecom (Vox) is currently testing some mobile solutions from Cell C to see if these solutions could form part of possible converged telecommunications solutions to be offered by the company.

A number of South African companies have since pledged to launch converged voice and data products including converged mobile data and voice services.

Reed said: “We are ideally suited to take advantage of the convergence trend because traditionally we provided a mobile solution as a fixed line solution, and already have the relationships with all the suppliers and a large customer base.

“Currently we are investigating and testing corporate solutions with Cell C as well as VoIP SIP accounts for mobile customers.”

Previously, Reed had alluded that Vox is in the process of moving its business telecommunications products from ADSL solutions onto fibre.

“On our business stuff, we are trying to move all our businesses off ADSL solutions, onto fibre. We think it’s time,” he said.

According to Reed, it is a surprising market as customers are demanding huge download speeds on their mobile phones and at home, although businesses are quite happy to work on a meg (MB), prompting them to re-educate businesses on the 10/15/20 meg sizes which are starting to happen now, with fibre prices coming down.

“On the business side, we are having a massive push to changing everything to fibre,” Reed added.

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