REVIEW: LG FLATRON M2362 – 23 inch Full HD TV and Monitor

The LG FLATRON M2362D-PM 23″ Widescreen HD LCD television and monitor is capable of bringing users Full HD 1080p entertainment from the TV, as well as the PC. It has an inbuilt digital tuner and DOLBY SURROUND sound.

With a reasonable recommended retail price of R1,999 in South Africa, the LG FLATRON M2362 strikes a balance between a PC monitor with fast response times and TV screen with full HD resolution.

In terms of quality and workmanship, it is first-rate. The panel is fitted neatly into the frame and protects the surface of the screen with a coating from scratches. Additionally, the tilt of the panel can be adjusted without much fuss and with little effort.

The frame is made mostly of lightweight plastic, the same material the stand is made of and finished off with glossy surface.

Given the glossy finish of the monitor, it is susceptible to fingerprints although this is not a worry as it comes with a remote control. The remote control allows for operating the TV / Monitor’s functions without ever needing to touch it.

Despite the integrated power supply and also the built-in TV tuner, the LG Flatron TV / Monitor measures only 60mm in depth.

The menu is simple and intuitive to use after a short acclimatization, once you connect the MultiChoice DSTV decoder and the laptop. An additional advantage is the remote control, where all the settings can be made comfortably from.

The wealth of options covers the setting of the input signal, the brightness, the contrast, the colors, the image format and image sharpness to just to name the most common.

Special features automatic brightness control and the possibility to connect a USB flash drive.

Automatic brightness control, as the name suggests, adapts to the brightness of the ambient lighting.

The 23 “diagonal is large enough for normal applications and multimedia. When the native resolution of 1920×1080 (Full HD) is used, the letters, symbols and characters appear sharp and vivid.

What’s more, the analogue TV tuner for TV reception that the monitor comes equipped with is good enough to be compared to normal TVs. Automatic station search, browse TV channels, electronic program guide (EPG) and teletext are part of the service offered. The aspect ratio can also be adjusted by remote control.

Overall, for the recommended retail price, the monitor is an excellent choice as it ensures the convenience of a TV on a monitor.

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