US Embassy in Gambia partners with Africell toward American Corner project

The US Embassy in The Gambia has partnered with Africell, a local telecoms company, to set up an American Corner in Bundung.

The partnership with Africell is the second of such American Corner projects that the embassy will be carrying out in a joint effort with major players in the private sector.

Through the American Corners initiative sponsored by US government’s Department of State, 400 corners will be operating in 60 countries with the fundamental role of making information about USA available to members of the public. In addition, visitors to the corners would be able to access latest reliable US-related information in print, video, DVD, online and other formats.

At the inauguration of the American Corner at Africell’s offices in Bundung, US ambassador to The Gambia, Edward Alford described the telecoms company as a leading player in the area of private public partnership.

This he said is visible in the high commission’s numerous collaborations with the telecoms company. He also described the dedication of Africell to The Gambia which he said is rooted in its history.

“Africell’s history in civic engagement said a lot about how dedicated it is to The Gambia,” he said.

Alford later described  how the American Corner will be of immense benefit to Gambia. According to him, the American Corner is “something that will give Gambian youths the opportunity to learn more about the United States.”

Africell’s senior marketing manager Papa Yusupha Leigh described the partnership with the US Embassy as aimed at providing services to anyone who is interested in knowing about America; ranging from its culture to education, government history and current affairs.

Africell’s managing director Badara Mbaye also reiterated the cordial relationship his company has with the US Embassy in The Gambia, adding that together, Africell is involved with three other major projects that will further deliver good corporate social responsibility services to Gambians.

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