Teleworking solution gathers pace in Kenya

Medisoft East Africa Ltd has come up with a teleworking health solution named Teleradiology that enables medical specialists to read radiology results and give their opinions remotely.

Set to speed up the process at which doctors attend to patients, the application enables radiologists to offer reporting or consultation services for multiple centers while in one physical location. Hospitals can also outsource services round the clock.

Kanake Ndii, a radiologist and one of the company’s directors, said health practitioners including practicing radiologists have found the teleworking technology convenient since it has saved many patients’ lives as it significantly reduces the period of consultation.

The technology is in addition set to cut down on the expenses involved in running the radiology equipment the traditional way — that involves film printing and storage — since it utilizes cloud storage. It then routes the data stored on the server to remote workstations for use by the medical doctors.

Research shows significant number of unexplored solutions in the ICT health solutions exist in Africa. According to Ndii, Medisoft East Africa Limited, a medical solutions company, realized this and took the dive to be among the first service providers in the niche.

Obvious underuse and unavailable medical IT solutions in Kenya as well as the entire East Africa, says Ndii, inspired the creation of the product.

The technology, barely one year old, won the Kenya’s Vision 2030 ICT Innovation Awards early this month during the Connected Kenya Summit in Diani, Kenya.

“Our aim was never to make money but to offer a solution. The award has really motivated us,” Ndii said.

The Medisoft East Africa Ltd also scooped the overall top position in the Vision 2030 ICT Innovation Awards. The awards seek to honor companies that have developed ICT solutions to drive economic growth as outlined in Kenya’s Vision 2030. This year’s competition received over 400 entries.

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