Kenyan startup promises reduced car theft

Mobile-based car tracking solution mTracker intends to cut down on rising cases of car theft in a country that witnesses 10 to 15 such incidents each day.

Speaking to HumanIPO, mTracker co-founder Jacob Mwema said: “Current tracking systems use coordinates to trace stolen vehicles, and before this is translated into an exact geographical position, many cars end up being lost for good.”

According to Mwema, most of the cars stolen are not recovered despite having tracking systems installed on them.

“Our menu-driven mobile application enables car owners to track their vehicles on an exact position on the Google Maps, reducing the chances of losing the vehicle in case it is stolen, without going through the many processes involved in tracing vehicles with the current tracking companies,” he said.

mTracker enables a car owner to manage the security of their vehicles, and comes with different menu items including Locator, Trailer, Alarm, Geofencing and Start/Stop engine.

“The locator is linked to Google maps, and allows a user to locate accurately to street level the location of their car at any given time. This is different from the current tracking systems, that use land coordinates to locate a car,” Mwema added.

He added that the trailer enables a car owner to track his car as it moves in any part of the world, while the GeoFencing is used to map out areas in which a vehicle can operate. This means that fleet owners can manage their vehicles in real-time, as well as get notifications in case the vehicle goes out of the designated geographical areas.

mTracker is among the many startups that made their  pitch before investors and other stakeholders in technology at the ongoing DEMO Africa conference.
The startup is looking to get partners and publicity at the event it hopes will help it expand to Nigeria and China.

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