Zimbabwean Telecel sued for copyright

Telecel, a mobile service provider in Zimbabwe, faces a law suit of US$340,000 from Trumbelt Computers after a failed business agreement.

Trumbelt Computers has stated that Telecel used their proposed marketing strategy for their own gain. The initial business agreement offered by Trumbelt stipulated the details of suggested contributions from both parties to promote a mobile quiz programme, Mega Promo.

Trumbelt told The Herald that the failed deal could have generated an income of US$2 million or more. The reason for approaching Telecel was for consultation, with the goal to offer marketing concepts for the telecoms company.

The chief executive of Trumbelt Computers, Peterson Tengende, as well as the company itself, have been announced as plaintiffs. Telecel Zimbabwe is the defendant. Although Trumbelt has given Telecel ten days to admit and repair the damage, the plaintiff said that offers were denied, rejected or ignored.

“Defendant has been unjustly enriched at the expense of the plaintiffs and as a result of the defendant’s infringement, plaintiffs have suffered damages in the sum of US$340 000, being the reasonable estimate of plaintiffs projected profit,” Trumbelt stated.

Telecel has refuted the allegations, stating that no agreement for partnership was ever confirmed and that all negotiations were only of an inquisitive, rather than committed, nature.

Trumbelt requires the defendant to discontinue Mega Promo. Telecel has refused, claiming that there is no legal reason for the termination of this initiative. They explained that they have approached another company with a similar deal. Trumbelt’s proposal was not satisfying enough to accept.

Telecel is Zimbabwe’s second biggest telecommunications firm with over two million subscribers. 

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