Vodafone launches dynamic data tariff plan in Ghana

Telecommunications firm Vodafone has launched a pay-as-you-go data tariff in Ghana to enable its subscribers to pay less as they spend more time surfing the Net via their mobile devices.

Vodafone officials described the tariff plan, which is intended to accommodate the browsing needs of the company’s teeming subscribers, as “capable of slashing the standard tariff by 75 percent when users browse and/or download data 10 megabytes of data, which is the average size of a musical video, in a single browsing session.”p>

Speaking in Accra at the launch of the service, the head of consumer marketing at Vodafone Ghana Tara Squire described the commercial rationale for the dynamic pricing model, saying that the telecoms firm knows that the browsing habits of its customers are extensively varied.

“The aim of Vodafone is to ensure that every Vodafone internet user gets the best value for money spent,” she said, adding that “this pay as you go tariff targets customers who typically browse on the go, especially those accessing the internet on their handheld devices wherever and whenever. It allows them to experience the endless possibilities of the internet at very affordable pricing.”

Tara also added that the initiative is part of the company’s commitment to increasing Ghana’s Internet penetration rate, which in December 2011 stood at about 8.4 percent.

A similar strategy was deployed in January when the company launched a data campaign during which it educated Ghanaians on the infinite possibilities which the Internet offers.

“Vodafone’s strategy is to increase internet access and bring value to Ghanaians. We currently have tariffs to suit every pocket and habit. For heavy browsers we have developed a daily and monthly data bundle which allows the customer to experience the internet at affordable rates,” Tara said.

She further explained the service provider is leaving “no stone unturned” in connecting Ghanaians to the Internet. This she said is evident in Vodafone’s recent efforts such as the provision of affordable handsets and devices in addition to internet packages that ensure best value for money spent.

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