New diet app readies for Kenyan uptake

Glosoft Group Company’s health and fitness application called the Personal Nutritionist can finally find its grip in the Kenyan market eight months following it launch, after its developer finally announced its suitability.

“The app was online on September 2011 only for demonstration purposes, after which was withdrawn from app store because the data was incomplete and not articulately useful for users especially in other countries rather than Kenya. When we gather enough data that is necessary the app will be online and available for download,” Said Marete.

The a Kenyan software company’s application set to guide users through diet management features diet plan in days and sessions, and healthy choice of food with the proper combinations focused on balanced diet.

“It took me one and a half month to make the user interface and connectivity and another one month to collect data and populate the database,” said Kent Marete, Mobile developer and Project manager atGlosoft Group Company.

It in addition explains and recommends solutions for diet-related diseases, tips and facts on nutrition, nutrition news and adverts, meal tables and nutrition contents of foods. News and advert gives precise information on hotels in a certain country helping visitors get to hotels and restaurant offers their home-related dishes.

Marete told HumanIPO the application will be available online in two versions: free version and complete version.

The company has since put in place mechanism that will ensure the application remains continuously updated and populated with additional information.

“There is a modulator who checks on the data at the systems backend. It’s not possible to collect all foods types or all diet related diseases at once. However, there will be updates although we want substantial data available for the users before we go into details in each country,” said Marete.

Free Version has limited features including one meal table, adverts, a few selected recipes and health diet related diseases. The complete version has all the features of the free version, it comes with additional features such as multiple meal tables, foods info, health diet related diseases and recipes of various countries.

Complete version will be sold at US$1 downloadable from the app store by May this year.

The application in addition allows users to add their own information including food recipes and diseases. The information will however solely be available to them.

The application is the first of its kind in Kenya. A similar application called South African Food Composition Database system (SAFOOD) is currently in use in South Africa.

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