Anonymous Nigeria threatens further attacks on government sites, databases

Anonymous Nigeria, a hacker’s syndicate, have declared that they are planning more cyber attacks in Nigeria as part of “its war against corruption” in the country.

The group made the claims in an interview with HumanIPO last week, saying that though many say that they are just “barking”, history suggests otherwise.

Speaking to HumanIPO, Garki_boy (his alias) mentioned that Anonymous Nigeria has “carried out attacks on various government websites and databases and other organizations that support government corruption and those that benefit from it.”

This is in addition to claims suggesting it is planning more attacks on the Nigerian government and its related agencies.

Earlier this year, as part of its “Anonymous Operation Nigeria II”, the hacktivist organisation hacked into and defaced Nigeria’s National Agency for Food and Drug Administration Control (NAFDAC) as part of its“war against corruption” in Nigeria’s government.

The defaced website stayed up for more than an hour before the government’s personnel could gain access back and restore it to its former state. This formed part of the nationwide “Occupy Nigeria” protests across the West African country at the time, which were mainly against the removal of the petroleum subsidy.

The message emblazoned accross the defaced website amongst others read “WE CANNOT TRUST YOU GOVERNMENTS WITH MORE MONEY”.

The hacktivists in Nigeria maintain that as far as corruption in the government is concerned, the trend is worsening. This time around, the group threatens more than just website defacements but government databases cracking and distributing the data freely on the internet and also some Distributed Denial of Service Attacks.

With continued political unrest in the West African country involving terrorist groups and civilians continually voicing their disapproval of continued public sector corruption, is it a matter of time before Anonymous Nigeria unleashes more cyber attacks?

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