Kenyan government’s treasury resource management headed for automation

Kenya’s government has issued bids for the setting up of the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) communication agency under the Kenya Transparency and Communications Infrastructure Project, hoped to ensure planning, budgeting, procurement, payments and revenue receipting are automated.


The project, which will be executed by the Kenya ICT board, aims at improving financial management by government with the ministry of finance keen to streamlining financial uses and transparency in various government agencies.

In the end, the systems will lead to increased efficiency in government, less paper work but most of all eliminate loopholes for cash leakage as all government dealings will easily monitored.

The system, which is expected to crack down on bureaucracy, is hoped would enable the public who have been asking for better services provision as well as transparency to follow up on government expenditures. According to a report by the controller of budget, KSh106 billion ($1.24 billion) was returned to the treasury by ministries after they failed to utilize it in the financial year 2011/2012.

The agency on the other hand will be the organization given the lead role in ensuring that IFMIS is fully operational. According to the bid that appeared online on the 2nd of November the agency will further be expected to carry out various roles including: Creative Concepts Development, Advertising, Communication Materials Development, PR and Media Relations, Branding and Event management, Audio Visual Production as well as  Monitoring & Evaluation.


Companies interested in bidding are expected to have the following qualifications: an average annual turnover of 250 million shillings ($293,400), experience in service of similar nature and qualifications of 5 key management and technical personnel.


The bidders are further expected to demonstrate their expertise in several working of the new agency including: Advertising and Communication Services, Public Relations services, Brand strategy formulation, Organizing  workshops media brief’s, television and radio campaigns among others.

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