No next time for Nexus in SA

Despite offers, the Google Nexus 4 will not be released in South Africa given the “lack of positive response to previous launches.”

Following the low-sale numbers of Nexus in South Africa, “the distribution channel for high-end smartphones wasn’t interested in the [Nexus 4]device,” head of mobile products at LG South Africa, Kenneth Hales, said.

According to Hales, LG was eager to offer the new Nexus, but the operators rejected the notion. This influence is understandable since South Africa’s high-end cell phone market is primarily operator-driven.  Suggestions that this market-based reaction may be because of high cost has been denied.

LG will make effort instead with launching the LG Optimus G in February next year.

This device will be fitted with the Android 4.2, the newest version of the Android ‘Jelly Bean’ operating system.

Hale confirmed that update features are to be made available to South Africans soon.

The release of these functions is however dependant on the tempo of the operators’ tests and feedback said, further claiming that these advances are all thanks to the partnership between LG and Google.

Despite these technological availabilities, Google has not yet launched the South African online store. This could also be seen as further contributing obstacle that prevented the go-ahead for the new Nexus release. As no direct sales can take place because of this underdevelopment, there is a dependency on local representatives and manufacturers.

The only countries currently known to be hosting the Nexus 4 launch is the US, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Spain and Canada.


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