Chris Rock’s video on Obama a sensation in Africa

Stand up comedian Chris Rock’s video message recorded for the Jimmy Kimmel Live show is currently trending in Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria on Youtube.

The video that is captioned as ‘Chris Rock- Message to White Voters’, currently has 5,517,100 global views and still counting.

In the recording, Chris Rock humorously explains why white voters should vote for President Obama going on to give multiple references to how he resembles a white man.

Among Kenyan users, the clip comes in as the third most viewed video in the last four days among the top 10 videos. According to the trends, Kenyans seem to be mostly interested in politics, music and humor.

South Africans have less interest in politics as far as the week goes. Chris Rock’s video tops the top 10 most viewed clips with music videos such as Mumford & Sons’ Lover Of The Light and reality TV show Fantasy Kidnap featuring on the list.

In turn, Nigerians are also having a good laugh but not as much from Chris Rock as from this clip My First Movies, from the creators of the hit TV channel BabyFirst. Chris Rock is 6th among the top 10 most viewed videos in Nigeria.

Web video is becoming popular with users especially with the increased adoption of smartphones in Africa.

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