Snaglur gearing up for an African duel with Facebook

A new South African startup called Snaglur has vowed to beat Facebook’s daily estimates of 60 million posts texts, photos, links, music and videos.

The social publishing site launched in Pretoria January this year allows sharing of links and articles in addition to photos and videos. It also has a live-stream capability allowing users to reblogg, share opinions and websites.

”It’s more of a social news publishing site,” said Gerhard Van der Westhuizen, the developer.

The 24-year old said Snaglur is a cool social publishing platform that unlike the rest, allows users to mix original content with shared content. Users can also share own content with immediate audiences — unlike on personal blogs and other social publishing sites.”

“I felt there wasn’t really a platform where people could share links, images and videos from external websites as well as a place to generate original user content on the same website in a user-friendly environment,” Gerhard said.

Snaglur in addition allows users to upload link and bookmarks hence serving as an improvement of conventional microblogging sites as users can create images and videos, or other visual content from their computers and publish them on their dashboard. Users can also live-stream on the social platform.

Gerhard says he is presently working on monetising the social site but is careful not to let ads spoil personal user experiences. He is also working on a mobile version, which is ready to integrate several languages to widen its user-base.

With knowledge that users wish for an easy multimedia sharing interface while online, Gerhard is working on Snaglur button that is similar to that of Twitter, Google Chrome and Facebook.

“We are starting with Google Chrome’s,” he said.

Snaglur has an additional feature called “automatic notification tool for certain keywords” to avoid unwanted adult content hence making it easy for parental guidance.

Tumblr however works in an almost similar way by allowing users to post and share multimedia content with other users, Snuglar is way below Tumblr rank.

Media analysts at Nairobi’s Startup Garage however argue Snaglur isnot really African as the bulk of its 50,000 signups are from US, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany and SA. By mid March, the sites unique visits were trailing at around 15000.

Towards the end of February 2012, Tumblr had over 46.2 million blogs and 13.4 million unique visitors in the U.S. alone, according toComScore.

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