Constable to be charged for instigating officers’ go slow via social media

A police officer in Kenya accused of using the social media to incite the law enforcement to a go-slow is due to be arraigned in court Friday morning.


Constable Philip Omondi from the Administration Police (AP) — Kenya’s paramillitary security unit — who has since been sacked, will answer to charges of attempting to incite members of the disciplined forces from duty, contrary to Kenya’s penal code.

The penal code CAP 63 SECTION 47 prohibits any person from advisedly attempting to incite members of the disciplined forces from duty or attempting to incite such persons from organising a mutiny.

According to the internal security ministry Philip Omondi then based in Kimilili incited fellow officers to go on a go-slow on twitter and facebook under username Bradly Philip Charles Konjunga.

Ministry of internal security permanent secretary Mutea Iringo said constable Omondi called on colleagues to ‘down their tools and let criminals do their work’ even as police demand for a pay hike.

The industrial action, which has already affected various institutions depending on mostly the administration police such as banking and traffic flow, has continued even after the government offered an 8.5 percent pay hike last week.

The government had quickly succumbed to reports of a go slow awarding the officers 3.7 billion shillings and back dating the increase to October amid discontent in the police force with officers saying the amount was too meagre.

The internal security ministry says investigations are ongoing to nab other officers involved in the incitement using both the social media and SMS.

The prosecution of the constable comes even as the government continues to deny the officers are on a go-slow.

If guilty, the constable could face life imprisonment.

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