App to help bust cheating spouses

A startup in West Africa has created an app dubbed Qoqoriqo, that enables people in relationships to confirm whether their partners are cheating on them, by simply using their spouse’s email addresses or phone numbers.

Based on the research that found out that up to 60 percent of married women and men will cheat on each other, Qoqoriqo was created to deal with a market of millions of people who want to check if their spouse is cheating.

To use the service, one starts by entering their partner’s email or phone number. At the heart of the system is a search engine that uses complex patterns matching scripts to bring together people who unknowingly are dating the same person.

“Once we find a matching, we put you in contact with the other people who know this person (ex-wife, ex-girlfriend, or current husband or mistress). Then you can get first hand facts from those people to make up your mind,” says the developers.

“It’s almost impossible to lie to the system for long time,” said Mawuna Koutonin, Founder Qoqoriqo. “We catch almost all liars, once people from their social circles start checking on them, without ever crawling into any external database, or even the open web. We don’t even need a connection to their Facebook profile or any dating website they have ever used.”

The app is free for use and comes with unlimited search. Users can as well get free access to the fact-checking forum on their boyfriend or girlfriends. However, users who want to access forums on other people like their neighbors should get subscription starting at US$6 a month.  

There is a power function reserved to people who want to hide themselves from prying eyes, who “can whitelist their contacts information for $99 each.”

On whether the app will cause privacy concerns among the public, Qoqoriko says that those people who cheat are sure to be the ones uncomfortable with the app saying, “isn’t it cheating the surest way to destroy relationship and marriages?”

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