IBM to help Moroccan farmers in boosting ICT skills

Global PC hardware giant IBM is, in partnership with Morocco’s ministry of agriculture, getting ready to assist the country’s farmers to apply ICT skills in their daily activities.

The project will see IBM set up a system that will help government agencies in the ministry to share expertise and institutional knowledge amongst them. They would also disseminate information and training to farmers to help coordinate outreach and measure impact.

“The plan focuses on improving coordination between the country’s Ministry of Agriculture and the farming community, as well as improve internal coordination within the ministry,” IBM confirmed.

Improved coordination with farmer will help the ministry to provide more relevant and timely support to farmers and educate them on how to use technology to improve their yields.

IBM said that this system will be cloud-based making sharing of services easy. This partnership will strengthen government services and foster private sector entry into agriculture.

“The IBM Corporate Service Corps projects in Rabat reflect IBM’S commitment to Morocco. Through these projects, IBM leverages its expertise to address local challenges and, we at IBM, are pleased to support the Moroccan Government in achieving its critical development goals,” Abdallah Rachidi Alaoui, country general manager of IBM Morocco, said.

It would help support “Green Morocco Plan” development programs by providing relevant advisories to farmers and investors throughout Morocco, IBM reported.
Today, agriculture and agri-industry represents 19 percent of Morocco’s gross domestic product, accounts 23 percent of its exports, and employs close to half of the labor force.

IBM sent two teams to Morocco earlier this year. In June, the IBM team provided the Moroccan government leaders with recommendations for the implementation of an efficient public transport system in Rabat and Temara by 2020.

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