Cancel licenses of errant telecom companies, experts

To tackle the perennial challenge of poor services by telecoms operators in Nigeria, outright revocation of the operating licences of such defaulting operators has been recommended.

Speaking at the ninth Anniversary of the Telecom Consumer Parliament (TCP) in Nigeria’s commercial city of Lagos, former president of the Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ATCON)Titi Omo-Ettu said the Nigerian Communications Commission should continuously assess the performances of the telecoms operators and apply sanctions where necessary.

Omo-Ettu, who is currently the managing partner of Telecom Answer Associates, said: “The regulatory body should give timely warning to the operators, if they were not meeting the requirements in the industry. And if somebody is not doing well, why not revoke the license, the regulator must penalise intolerable lapses.”

He dismissed the claims of telecoms operators that the challenges facing their infrastructure were the only cause of poor quality service. According to him, another reason why service providers offered poor services was poor management skills.

“Telecoms operators should be made to pay compensation to government, rebate and compensation to consumers for rendering poor quality services,” Omo-Ettu said.

He however stated that the last resort should be outright revocation of operator’s license, if the services rendered did not improve.  

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