Antivirus innovator being sought for murder

The founder of McAfee antivirus John McAfee, 67, is a wanted man in Belize for the murder of an American expatriate on Saturday night.

According to reports, police are hunting for McAfee over the fatal shooting of Gregory Faull, 52, at the victims’ home.

Police say the victim had previously filed a formal complaint against the suspect who he accused of firing off guns and exhibiting roguish behaviour. According to national police spokesman at the Central American nation, Faull’s body was discovered by one of his employees in the hallway with a gunshot wound at the back of the head.

A laptop and the victim’s cell phone are said to be missing.

A police statement indicated investigations into the motive of the murder were ongoing with the innovator a prime suspect. Different accounts pointing to McAfee say that Faull and the suspect had had an argument about dogs earlier on the fatal day.

Earlier in the year when Faull filed a complaint against the suspect, McAffee is said to have complained that his dog was killed by police during a raid in his house. At the raid, McAfee was arrested for possessing illegal firearms.

McAfee has however denied involvement in the murder, according to the Wired, saying he knew nothing of the shooting other than Faull had been shot.

McAffee retired from the software company in 1994 and has not been involved in any known management thereafter.

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