Quantum Edge now powers South Africa’s RICA engine

Previously, all SIM data was captured via Micosoft Excel and submitted manually for the process of registering SIM cards by South Africa’s Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication (RICA), according to the managing director of Quantum Edge Renier de Beer. The process has now been automated.

Quantum Edge managed to concurrently register with RICA more than 200 SIM cards per minute.

“The main purpose of the SIM management system is to facilitate large-volume RICA using the RICA Online Web services hosted by Vodacom. This gives us the ability to generate detailed statistics for all RICA requests sent via the system, as well as statistics generated during the physical capturing process,” said de Beer.

The following methods are available to submit SIM card information:
* Volume upload
*Submit a Microsoft Excel document that contains the required encrypted customer information
* Real-time online capture
* Offline application synchronises captured encrypted SIM details with an online server using a WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) service.
* Quantum Edge is finalising a new BlackBerry application, which will provide the Anix Telecoms data capturers another easy-to-use, efficient way of completing online RICAs.

“Quantum Edge successfully spec’d, developed and delivered the online SIM management system for Anix Telecoms. Previously all SIM data was captured via Excel and manually submitted for RICA, which was costly and inefficient. Our highly qualified team identified the importance of an automated SIM management system,” de Beer said.

“We are looking forward to the next phase of development, which will cover stock management, accounting, airtime transfer, Lotto and prepaid electricity,” Renier commented.

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