Real estate players in SA to benefit from new marketing app

Mobiprops is the latest real estate online platform that aims to enable property developers and managers to market their properties on various digital platforms.

Launched this week, the application helps to take a market share of the growing demand for real estate in South Africa. The apps on smartphones and computers will help buyers get a view of the properties they are interested in.

With a scan of a QR Code on a “for Sale” sign, users can get information about the house, go for a virtual tour from their devices and see pictures of the property. This makes more people have access to the property hence bringing in more clients.

Property sellers who use this product will eventually eliminate the need of a middleman to handle potential buyers. The app will link buyers and seller directly.

“Buying a house is an occasion,” says Shaun Rimer of MobiProps. “People want to take a virtual tour of the potential house, post it on social media platforms and ask for opinions before they may even have viewed the house in person.”

Mobiprops will use QR codes and texts to get information to potential home buyers. This will make information instantaneous other than the traditional agent relayed information.

“We live in a world of instant gratification and people might see an estate agent’s marketing collateral and will want to see the property in more detail there and then. They are less inclined to type out an estate agent’s Web address on a smartphone, they’d rather scan the MobiCode or receive a link via SMS,” Shaun Rimer said.

Mobiprops is offering a free 21-day trial period for those looking to list on the platform. After the period, it will cost R199.95 (US$28) per month.

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