CITI conference to examine Africa broadband challenges set for Lusaka

Africa’s first international conference scheduled to examine the viability and the challenges of broadband as a video platform is slated for May 22 and 23 in Lusaka, Zambia.

The conference organized by the Columbia Institute For Tele-Information (CITI) is expected to explore ways in which broadband can be deployed as a platform with sufficient speed for video, as well as find ways in which public policy and regulations can be used to enhance the same.

Jason Adam Buckweitz, Associate Director of the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information said in a press statement the conference will seek to examine the role and prospects of broadband in Africa as a video platform in addition to the strategies and building blocks for deployment and advancement.

The conference, on the topic of Broadband as a Platform for Video in Africa, will further discuss news broadband challenges in Sub Saharan Africa including the deployment and financing of next-generation broadband networks capable of video applications.

According to World Bank, the increase in Internet connectivity has outpaced the global average by about 2 to 1. A new challenge is however already exists heralded by the innovation of the next-generation of broadband networks capable of video applications.

Other areas listed for discussion include ways in which investment in broadband and related purposes can improve the quality of life and experience in Sub Saharan Africa in media and data, while being a financeable, commercially sound business.

The next generation technology in industrialized countries is progressing at a much faster rate, and according CITI, the risks that some of the countries may lag behind.

CITI said policy makers and networks including media companies and broadcasters have to be prepared particularly with regard to new developments, as the availability of advanced and high-speed business application tools may affect participation in international transactions and economic growth.

The CITI conference targets fixed line and mobile carriers in Sub-Saharan Africa and other stakeholders in the communication industry. It will bring together content providers, researchers, infrastructure and network providers, solution companies, telecoms ministers, media regulators, telecoms and communications policy experts and planners; portfolio investors and private equity experts in communications and media among others.

Expected to address the conference include university researchers, members of international multilaterals, global infrastructure builders and integrators, African carriers, content and application providers, African education, health and media professionals, software and systems innovators investing in Africa, and finance industry strategists and investors.

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